Bionic Seal – Bio-Ceramic Sealer

Our bio ceramic sealer is a revolutionary product for endodontic use. It is made from all-natural, biocompatible materials, making it safe and non-toxic for patients. The sealer is also highly effective in sealing root canals, preventing bacteria from re-entering the tooth and causing further infection. Additionally, our sealer has been shown to improve the bond strength between the root canal filling and the tooth, increasing the longevity of the filling. Overall, our bio ceramic sealer is a superior choice for endodontic procedures, offering both safety and effectiveness for patients.

There are a few advantages of bio ceramic sealers over other sealers for endodontic use:

  • Biocompatibility: Bio ceramic sealers are made from all-natural, biocompatible materials, making them safe and non-toxic for patients. Calcium hydroxide based sealers, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials and may not be as biocompatible.
  • Antimicrobial properties: Some bio ceramic sealers have been shown to have antimicrobial properties that can help to eliminate bacteria and prevent further infection. Calcium hydroxide based sealers may not have the same level of antimicrobial properties.
  • Bond strength: Bio ceramic sealers have been shown to improve the bond strength between the root canal filling and the tooth, increasing the longevity of the filling. Calcium hydroxide based sealers may not offer the same level of bond strength.
  • Radiopacity: Bio ceramic sealers are radiopaque and their presence can be easily verified on radiographs.


Our Bioceramic Sealer is a specially formulated solution for endodontic procedures. It is a single component, bioceramic-based sealer that is designed to provide superior sealing ability, bioactivity and biocompatibility. The sealer is composed of bioceramic particles that form a three-dimensional network that fills the entire root canal space, providing a seal that is resistant to microleakage.

Our Bioceramic Sealer is easy to use and provides consistent results every time. Its paste consistency makes it easy to apply and manipulate inside the canal. It also has a good setting time which enables it to remain in the canal for a longer period.

Our Bioceramic Sealer is ideal for use in a variety of endodontic procedures, including root canals and apexification. Its superior performance, bioactivity, near to no shrinkage and hydroscopic expansion and biocompatibility make it a favourite among dental professionals. Trust Dentact Solutions Private Limited to bring you the most advanced and effective solutions in endodontics.

Safe and effective, our Bioceramic Sealer is a must-have for any dental practice. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

Composition :

Calcium Silicates, Zirconium Oxide, Calcium Sulphate, Accelerators and thickening agents.

Indications for use :

  • Permanent filling of root canals with or without Gutta Purcha Points.
  • As Root Canal sealer for teeth of the secondary dentine formation with root canal points.

Directions for use :

Bionic Seal is supplied as a premixed paste in a preloaded syringe with disposable intracanal plastic flexible tips. Prior to the application of the material, the prepared root canal dried using a paper point but don’t dry it completely as the material sets with moisture

  1. For Root canal Sealer:
    • Conventional method : The paste of sealer can be dispense on a mixing pad and with Gutta Purcha it is carried into the canal.
    • Tip delivery technique : Another method is one can attached plastic intracanal tips to syringe and dispense paste directly into the coronal third and push the paste with plunger and as the material has very good flow it will fill the canal. Then coat the walls of canal with help of dental file or gutta purcha. If you are following sealing by condensation then place another gutta-purcha point coated with sealer and complete obturation followed by cutting them at orifice with heat source. Remove excess sealer from chamber with wet cotton swabs.
  2. Filling of Canal

Bionic Seal also can be used for filling of root canal space independently. In such use, proper precautions should be taken to prevent extrusion of material. We recommended to use a barrier at the end of apex.

Contradictions : Hypersensitivity against calcium silicates or other components of the root canal filling material is possible in some cases.

Warnings :

  1. Don’t use Bionic Seal for the patients who are allergic to mentioned ingredients and patients with history of hyper sensitivity of teeth.
  2. Avoid eye contact to prevent irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Avoid skin contact to prevent possible allergic response. Unset material may cause irritation and therefore contact with skin and mucous membrane should be avoided. In case of contact, immediately remove material with cotton and wash thoroughly with water and soap. In case of skin sensitization or rash, discontinue use and seek medical attention.
  3. Do not swallow or take internally. If accidental swallowing occurs, drink lot of water. If nausea or illness develops, seek medical attention. *Avoid overfilling. When overfilling occurs, the material is usually tolerated very well by the surrounding tissue. The material should be immediately removed in cases of extrusion in to the mandibular canal.

Storage conditions :

This product should be used at room temperature. Contact with water should be strictly avoided. Inadequate storage conditions could shorten shelf life and product performance. We recommend to store at temperature between 10°C (50°F) and 24°C (75°F) and keep syringe cap tightly closed. Shelf Life : 3-years from the date of manufacturing.

Presentation : 3 gm Paste X 5 application tips

Disposal conditions :

To be disposed off based on the prevailing rules of the country in which it is used. The material has been developed solely for professional dental use. Application should be carried out strictly according to the instruction for use. Liability cannot be accepted for damages resulting from failure to observe the instructions of the stipulated area of applications. The user is responsible for testing the material for its suitability and use for any purpose not explicitly stated in this instruction sheet. Description and data constitute no warranty of attributes and are not binding.

What is hydroscopic Expansion and its role in bio ceramic sealers ?

Hygroscopic expansion refers to the change in size or shape of a material due to the absorption or adsorption of moisture from the surrounding environment. It is the phenomenon in which a substance, such as a polymer or a ceramic, increases in size and volume due to the uptake of water molecules from the atmosphere. This can occur in materials that are hygroscopic, meaning that they have the ability to absorb or adsorb moisture from the air.

The amount of hygroscopic expansion that a material experiences will depend on several factors including the specific material, the relative humidity of the surrounding environment, and the temperature.

This expansion can be an important consideration in engineering design, as it can affect the performance, durability, and safety of a product. It is important to take into account the potential for hygroscopic expansion when selecting materials for a specific application

Ideal hygroscopic expansion of bioceramic would be minimal. Bioceramics are ceramic materials that are biocompatible, which means they are not harmful to living tissue and can be used in medical applications.

In order to be used in medical applications, bioceramic materials must have minimal hygroscopic expansion, as changes in size or shape due to moisture absorption can cause damage or failure in the device or implant.

The ideal hygroscopic expansion of a bioceramic material would be close to zero as it minimizes the potential for damage or failure in the device or implant.

However, It’s important to note that, bioceramic materials are not completely impervious to hygroscopic expansion, and some degree of expansion may occur depending on the surrounding environment and other factors.

It’s recommended to check the technical data sheet of the specific bioceramic material or consult with the manufacturer to get accurate information about the hygroscopic expansion of the product before using it in any application


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